Piip Mobile AG Zürich, Switzerland

Company History

Founded as Piip Corporation in 05/2011, we developed Piip Messenger, which is a messaging and social networking application, available on all relevant smartphone and tablet platforms: iOS, Android, BB10, BlackBerry legacy OS and Windows Phone as well as on desktop platforms Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In addition, with the Piip Web Messenger, it’s functional on any platform with a browser. Features include message statuses, push notifications, group chat, photo & location sharing, contact synchronization and SSL security. It’s available in 32 languages.

Read more about the legacy project on www.piip.com/messenger

Current Developments

Starting in 2015, the company commenced the development of the next-generation solution of Piip Messenger, which will integrate commerical instanting messaging and business promotion, providing our endusers a seamless, safe and easy way to get in touch with the shops they frequently visit, receive promotions from the merchants they love, and discover new ones based on their current location (geotargeting) and their likings. Re-engineered from the ground up, the completely new Piip is in production beta from Q2/2016 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Read more about the all-new Piip on www.piip.com/belgrade
(text in Serbian language).



We're a Swiss joint-stock corporation, registered with reg.no. CHE-165.443.923 (legacy reg.no. CH- in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zürich, and in the VAT-registry of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (CHE-165.443.923 MWST or legacy reg.no. 794 279).

"Piip" and the Piip logo are registered trademarks of Piip Mobile AG, notably Swiss trademark #604538, European Union and International trademark @ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) #1062215.

Postal Address

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